For the total health of our furry patients, we offer a wide range of well, sick, and surgical services. From routine vaccines and routine surgical procedures like spaying and neutering -to- more complex and emergency surgeries, we are here to provide you with only the highest quality veterinary medicine for all your pet’s medical needs.

Many pet owners dread going to the veterinary office, especially when surgery is involved. There is a lot of stress, anxiety, and trepidation for fear that the personnel won’t care for the pet well enough, take the appropriate precautions during the pet surgery, or monitor the pet closely enough after the surgery.

Let Us Address Your Pet Surgery Concerns

The above are natural concerns, and our goal is to thoroughly address any concerns and questions you might have so that you can feel confident your pet is in good hands for his/her surgical procedure and completely understand how our surgical services can benefit your pet’s health and well-being. Of course, there are a lot of myths out there that only make pet owners even more apprehensive about pet surgery. This is particularly true about the common spay and neuter procedures; here are two we can debunk for you right now:

Myth: My cat or dog is too young to get spayed or neutered.

Fact: At Cole Animal Clinic, we recommend dogs and cats be sterilized around 5-6 months of age. This young age is not only safe, but actually helps the pet to avoid ever starting bad habits like marking territory with urine and avoid unexpected pregnancy in females reaching early puberty. Most experts recommend scheduling the surgery prior to dog or cat reaching puberty, usually around four to six months of age.

Myth: Spaying and neutering does not have any health benefits.

Fact: Spayed female puppies and kittens aren’t as apt to suffer breast cancer and uterine infections. Ovarian and uterine tumors will also not be a possibility. Neutered male puppies and kittens aren’t as apt to develop prostate enlargement and perianal adenomas. Testicular cancer will also not be a possibility.

What Services Do We Offer?

  • dog/cat spay
  • dog/cat neuter
  • cat declaw
  • dewclaw removal
  • tail docking
  • pet hernia repair
  • knee/hip replacements
  • intestinal foreign body removal

Let Us Take Care Of Your Pet’s Surgical Needs

Our professional team at Cole Animal Clinic is highly skilled in veterinary medicine and current on the most up-to-date surgical practices. Patient safety and pain management are top priorities for all our staff. We carefully monitor your pet before, during, and after surgery to ensure that your pet is safe and has only the most exceptional care during every step. We provide anesthetics when necessary for your pet. We will keep you updated, if you wish, through your pet’s surgery and recovery.

Let Us Help You Through The Post-Op

Once your pet is ready to go home, we will address any questions or concerns you have about your pet’s post-operative care and recovery. We will review everything you need to do, any medications your pet may need to take, and provide you with instructions on any bandages or wound care.