One of the best ways you can keep your pet healthy is to take care of their teeth from the time they are puppies or kittens until they are grown and throughout their life. Usually cavities are not a big issue for pets, but periodontal disease can be a huge issue as well as other gum disease. Taking care of your pets teeth can help to prevent future health problems for your pet.

The Hazards Faced When Pets Do Not Receive Dental Care

Without proper dog dental care, your dog can suffer from tooth loss, inflamed gums and can later develop an infection that begins in the mouth and spreads throughout the dogs entire body causing illness. Ignoring the plaque buildup on dogs teeth can lead to periodontal disease and to a buildup of tartar. Tartar in turn can harden and dig into a dogs gums and cause infection that leads to other serious systemic problems.

Other issues your dog can develop if he is not receiving proper dog dental cleanings are things like bad breath, teeth that become loose or break, swollen gums or teeth that fall out. Dogs can also develop infections and other issues that can cause pain for your best friend. Periodontal disease in dogs is painful as well, and no one wants to see their beloved friend in pain. Practicing good dog dental care regularly can help to prevent these problems.

Regular Dental Care Helps Pets Live Longer

Most pet owners wish to see their dog live a long and happy life and regular and proper dog teeth cleaning can help to keep pets happy and healthier. Periodontal disease can be prevented in pets simply by brushing dogs teeth to remove plaque and bacteria. Unfortunately, there are many owners who don’t do this on a regular basis either because they don’t know how important it is to do proper dog dental maintenance or they do not know how to do it at home.

Dog teeth brushing can also be done in the veterinarian’s office and usually the full cleaning of dogs teeth can be done under a general anesthetic. Dogs cannot understand what is happening to them during a tooth cleaning. Therefore it is for their own safety and comfort that they receive an anesthetic when they undergo a professional dog teeth cleaning.

When Should Your Pet Have His First Professional Dental Cleaning?

Beginning when your dog is about one year old it is wise to have their first professional dental cleaning done in the veterinarian’s office. Just like in human patients, a professional cleaning will remove both plaque and tartar buildup on the dogs entire tooth surface, both above and below the gum line. This can help them to avoid developing painful periodontal disease later.

Brushing dogs teeth at home is not difficult and our veterinarians at Cole Animal Clinic can show you the correct way to do it. Brushing should be done with a soft toothbrush to remove harmful plaque before it has the opportunity to become a more serious problem. Your veterinarian can also show you the best types of gels, special toothbrushes and toothpaste to use on your dog for his best dental health. Owners can also learn about good treats to give their dog to help to prevent plaque build up and aid in dogs dental health.

Watch For Signs That Your Pet Is Experiencing Dental Problems

Dogs will usually show that they are experiencing dental problems in pretty common ways. Owners should be aware of and watch for signs like excessive drooling, plaque or tartar that they can see on teeth and discolored teeth. It is also wise to watch dogs for things like loss of appetite, pawing at the mouth as if in pain or gums that are swollen or red in appearance.

Owners should also be watchful for things like broken teeth in their dog and seek professional dental treatment right away. The tooth will be saved if possible, otherwise it may need to be extracted for your dogs best health. Pet owners who are attentive to their pets dental needs have pets that are healthier and can in turn have a longer life span free from pain.

While dental care may seem like an extra cost of pet ownership, it is one of the smartest ways to keep your dog healthy for life. Good dog dental care pays for itself in better health for pets. Regular dog teeth cleaning will help to keep your best friend happily by your side.